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collaborative community drawing project.

I am interested in what connects or disconnect us and the ways we care for and about one another. We collectively went through something that gave a sense of community erasure, isolation, and upheaval. It inspired me to make work that reconnects, that celebrates and strengthens relationships and community ties. This drawing, Entanglement, focuses on one sector of the local community—our creatives. It is both grand and subtle, a physical manifestation of our interconnectedness and the invaluable support we give one another.

~Su Begy

Entanglement is a performative drawing project by artist Susan Begy that spotlights the diverse creative community in Rochester, NY.

The project highlights the significance and contributions of a strong, connected creative community to any given city.

99 individual portrait drawings of Rochester creatives are entwined by a process of erasing and adding graphite in a sinewy, twisting fashion.

An essential component of the project is that each featured artist chose the next participant—someone whose work they feel has greatly contributed to the community, that they highly regard, or who has been meaningful to their work. 


Begy photographed each participant and recorded them talking about their creative work.

As she drew each portrait, she listened to the corresponding recording several times.


The drawing was created onsite at Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) during the State of the City exhibition in Fall 2022 and completed in an artist residency at RoCo in Spring 2023. The piece is 33 feet long and 55 inches high, graphite on 300 lb. Fabriano paper. 

Music in the video is Likufanele by Zero 7.


The Entanglement project was made possible with funds from Statewide Community’s Regrants Program,

a regrant program of the NYS Council on the Arts

with the support of the Office of the Governor and the NYS Legislature,

administered by the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts.

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Stephe Ferme 1.jpg

detail 1

Scar Markham 3.jpg

detail 3

Chris Palace 2.jpg

detail 2

Niema Neteri-Atkins 1.jpg

detail 4

Matt VanderLee 3.jpg

detail 5

List of Creatives included in the drawing

Line 1A

Bleu Cease

Range Zarate

Carmelo Ortiz

Kathy Farrell

Pete Monacelli

Zanne Brunner

Nancy Valle

Colleen Buzzard

Joan Lyons


Line 1B

Bleu Cease

Luvon Shepherd

Steve Hill

Paulette & Eddie Davis

Mattie Alleyne

Cheryl Olney

Frances Hare

Josie Etter

Jessica Cheng

Martin Hawke


Line 2

Clara Riedlinger

Rudy Fabre

Siena Pullinzi

Bradley Young

Jack Cutri

Justin Suarez

Francheska Diaz


Line 3A

Annalisa Barron

Elizabeth Cameron

Mona Seghatoleslami

Hannah PK

Doug Curry

Levon Jones

Janice Baylis

Jason Pasonoc

Line 3B

Annalisa Barron

Hanna Lightbody

Erica Jae

Luticha Douchette

Thomas Warfield

Shawn Dunwoody

Reenah Osshun Golden


Line 4

Harold Taddy

Ishmael Walker

Teagan West

Rivkah Simcha

Matt Vanderlee

Molly O’Riley

Kristina Kaiser

Sarah Rutherford

Eric Lehman

Scar Markham

Heather Swenson

Nick Ruth

Evan Bobrow


Line 5

Amanda Chestnut

Quajay Donnell

Richard Colon

Magnus Apollo

Nick Brandreth

Evyn Morgan

Cammy Enaharo

Gary Lamaar

Elijah Crocker


Line 6

Sharon Locke

Mary Monroe

Nate Coffey

Amanda Ashley

Georgia Beers

Joy Argento

Susan Carmen-Duffy

Maia Horvath

Carol Bell

Line 7

Ya’Qub Shabazz

Rashaad Parker

Najay Quick

Ajani Jeffries

Guy Higgins

Vicky Tee

Casey Arthur

Stephe Ferme

Ambar De Santiago

Siena Facciolo

Chris Palace


Line 8

Catherine Valleroy

Paul Klem

Renee Larocca

Judy Gohringer

Carol Acquilano

Tarrant Clements

Jill Gussow


Line 9 

Richmond Futch

Chloe Smith

Rebecca Flanders

Mark Groaning

Maureen Robbins

Gretel Hepler


Line 10

Julie Chen

Kelly Cheadle

Almeta Whitis

Niema Neteri-Atkins

Click IG link below to see more images of the Entanglement drawing project on Instagram @SusanBegy

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