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graphite drawing on paper, DNA, hand gestures, human interactions,


quirky. elegant.

macro/micro perspective.

graphite drawing, fatherhood, penis, guns, babies, protection, maleness
vagina, universe, stars, night sky, mystery
ecstasy, agony,  the ecstasy of St. Theresa, the dude, Jeff Bridges, rave
graphite drawing on paper, large drawing, eyes, movement, alien eyes, huchumans
seduction, desire, graphite drawing, ink drawing
graphite , ink, acrylic painted drawing, roller coaster, celebrity
graphite drawing, acrylic painting, Precambrian, primordial soup, egg, trilobite, sponge, cnidarians, annelids
Quaternary, graphite drawing, acrylic painting, baby

ink, acrylic, graphite.

atmospheric paintings with

tiny drawings curiously tucked into splashes of clear space 

which depict bits and pieces of dramas

that continuously unfold across the planet.

rape of Proserpina, Bernini, graphite, ink, acrylic drawing, galaxy, galactic event.
robot hand of God, astronaut, graphite drawing, acrylic painting, futuristic
Hand of God, hand of Adam, galactic event, space image
graphite drawing, ink drawing, acrylic painting, 4th of July, raise the flag, American, American as apple pie, roller coaster
Hansel and Gretel, urban, art history, illustration, world view
sex, seduction, desire, orgasm, intercourse
competition, king of the hill, precariousness, tightrope, end of my rope
music, Bernini, parallel universe
politics, circus, government, lost
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