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per square foot, curatorial

Propinquity Effect, dance by Ryan VanCompernolle & Austin Tyson

Living rooms. Life choices. Space constraints. The living room can be the center of a household’s activities. Or, it is the room with the most lavish décor—a shrine to good taste with very little actual living. Or, a place to pay attention to something—pop culture, high culture, spiritual, technological, or sexual. Where we live is where we take care of our bodies, our desires, our fears, our families.  Where we soothe our stressed-out souls, perform necessary tasks, or let loose. Living space is at a premium in NYC so we pack a lot of living into a small space.

Through performance and installation each artist in per square foot investigated an aspect of living in a designated (and yes, small) space at The Shirey for a one-night stand, so to speak.

The Final Rose, performance by Jessica Bowman & Jamie Sneider

Saudade, installation with dog hair by Jenn Brantley; 

per square foot, 2013, performance and installation at The Shirey, Bushwick, Brooklyn, curated by Susan Begy

Within Arm's Reach, performance by Cathleen Cueto II & Graham McKeon

Featuring Artists:

Jenn Brantley, 

Cathleen Cueto II with baby Graham McKeon, 

Jessica Bowman, 

Pooneh Maghazehe, 

Austin Tyson, 

Jamie Sneider, 

Ryan VanCompernolle.  

Airwick-Matic® Can Wipe It Out, installation with atomizer by Pooneh Maghazehe.

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